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Start your own Publishing Company

Many times a book is perfect for self-publishing rather than traditional publishing. The reasons vary greatly, but one of the most important factor is control. Do you want to have total control over your book? Are you interested in doing seminars and presentations with your book? Is this a lifelong endeavor you are about to embark on? What is your long range goal? These are questions every author must ask before commiting to a traditional publishing house. There are pros and cons to self-publishing and traditional publishing. We offer private consulting to meet the needs of authors.

Joshua Tree Digital is dedicated to making your dreams of being a published author a reality. Not tomorrow. Not next year. But today. We have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals by using cutting edge technology and utilizing a network of experts in the fields of editing, page layout, cover design, marketing and printing to make your book a success. Because of our technology, we offer an opportunity to authors to print their books with us. This service satisfies authors who are interested in self-publishing and are looking for a solution to print their books in a cost-effective way.

We print four-color laminated covers with high quality interior pages. We can provide books in either perfect bound, hardcover, and hardcover with four-color jackets.

For more information, please contact us at (312) 320-0937 or send an e-mail to info@joshuatreedigital.com.

We can help you start your own publishing company

We have helped a number of our clients set up their own publishing companies. Not because we did not want to publish their books. On the contrary, we would have loved to have published their books. But we advised them otherwise because it made more sense. How’s that for a difference. We provide authors with honest, straight forward advice based on their unique situation.

To request more information, please please contact us at (312) 320-0937 or send an e-mail to info@joshuatreedigital.com.

Cover and Graphic Design Services

We have all heard the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Well, guess what, a book cover determines a sale. If you don’t believe that, take a trip to your local book store and see if it’s true. Sit there and watch people browse the shelves. Try to determine what catches their eyes and, what books they pull out to look at—and what they do with the book. It should give you some insight into the nature of book purchasing.

Book cover designing is an art form. There are no definitive answers for success, only guesses. 

Here is what the “experts” have found:

  • Everyone judges a book by its cover
  • On the average, a book store browser spends 8 seconds at the front cover and 15 seconds looking at the back cover
  • Sales Reps show covers or jackets and give a sales pitch that averages 14 seconds
  • Advertising, 85% read the Headline only

At Joshua Tree Digital, we view each book as an unique entity with its own charisma. Rather than have a set staff of designers, we use a network of creative talent and resources to produce our covers. 

To request more information, please contact us at (312) 320-0937 or or send an e-mail to info@joshuatreedigital.com.