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Submission Guidelines

Centaur Books is an innovative publisher dedicated to making your dreams of being a published author a reality. Not tomorrow. Not next year. But today.

At Centaur Books, we have the expertise to help you accomplish your goals by using cutting-edge technology and a network of experts in the fields of editing, page layout, cover design, marketing, and printing to make your book a success. With over 37 years of experience, Centaur Books knows how to publish books. Let us make your dream of being a published author a reality.

How Long Does the Submission Process Take?

Because every author and book are different, we actually read the book and materials you submit. After the initial contact with your Query Letter, we usually ask for the first three chapters within a week. Once we have received that file, we will begin to review it for formatting, word count, style, flow, etc. If we do not find any problems with the file, we will try to have a response back to an author in two weeks, asking for the entire book and other material. After two more weeks, we will provide the author with a decision whether we want to publish the book.

The Process of Getting Published

Query Letter: The first step in the process of being published by Joshua Tree Publishing is to send us a Query Letter by email. The first paragraph must grab our attention. Why should we publish this book? Who is your target audience? How are you going to reach them? Be concise. Include your contact information.
The Query Letter should be sent to: info

Submission Request:
If we like your Query Letter, we are going to ask you to send us the first three chapters of the book by email attachment in Word. Please be prompt in your response.

First Three Chapters:
If we like the first three chapters, we may request an outline of the complete book, the entire manuscript in Word, and a Marketing Plan.

Our Review of Your Entire Book:
Your manuscript will be reviewed in a timely manner. We want to publish books which we feel can be successful for both the author and our company. As we review your book, we might ask for subsequent material or request answers to specific questions. We take this process very seriously.

If after reviewing your manuscript and marketing plan, we feel that we can provide you with an excellent chance at success, we will send you by email an Acceptance Letter. The letter will congratulate you on providing us a wonderful product to publish and will request some additional information so an agreement can be reached.

Because every author and book are different, we offer contracts which are specifically designed for your work. We will negotiate with you to reach an agreement that is both fair and equitable for both of us. We are looking for long term relationships with our authors and that is why we have this process. We look forward to working with our authors.

The Next Step: Publishing Your Book

Step One:

Each author is provided an editor who works with the author, usually in Word with Track Changes, to review the entire manuscript chapter by chapter. The process can take a thirty to sixty days depending upon the changes being suggested. The bottom line is the author has the last say. After all, it is your book and voice. The second phase of this edit is to bring the manuscript into compliance with the rules and standards included in the Chicago Manual of Style, which has been the bible of the publishing industry for years.

Step Two:
Page Layout

Once the Editing step is completed, the manuscript is imported from Word into a Page Layout program, such as InDesign. During this process, the size of the book and formatting are discussed and agreed upon with the author. Fonts are reviewed to see which one works for the text, chapter headings, spacing, margins, etc. After there is agreement with the author, the entire book is set up according to the printer’s specifications. At this point, the author and editor review the manuscript and offer comments, changes that need to be made. These changes are made by the page layout team as the manuscript is no longer accessible to the author.

Step Three:
Interior Review of the Book

After all changes have been addressed and completed, a final review of the manuscript is made by the author and the publisher for approval. Again, changes or comments are addressed at this stage, and upon agreement with the author, a final version is completed by the page layout team.

Step Four:
The Cover

While we welcome authors’ visions for their covers, experience has taught us that the cover comes after the interior text is completed. Sometimes, the entire viewpoint of the book has changed during this process. We find the cover is a magical experience and work with the author to come up with a concept and artwork to reflect the book and its message.

Step Five:
The Printed Proof

We print a physical proof of the book which shows exactly how it will be printed before it is released. Oftentimes, we find minor errors which were overlooked during the digital, screen processing. We can make final changes and adjustments at this point. When the changes have been made, another proof is generated, which is electronic. Once reviewed by the author and the publisher, the book is released into distribution.

From Fear to Faith by Lisa and Hans Scheller

From Fear to Faith
A Family’s Journey with Addiction, Recovery, and Grace

Have you, a family member, or a close friend been affected by addiction?

We want this book to help you understand that addiction is a family disease and impacts everyone around the addict much like a pebble dropped in water creates a wide ripple effect. We want to lift the stigma of addiction and help break the generational trauma. You will discover that people, places, and things can be more powerful for recovery than addiction.

Our God is a strong and powerful God who can work miracles in our lives. Surrendering to a sickness or disease can be easier than believing in God’s ability to heal.

God doesn’t intend for us to suffer alone, nor does he want us to pray for ourselves alone. Don’t miss the miracles that are possible when you walk alongside Jesus and let him take the wheel.

Lisa and Hans Scheller share their story of the challenges of marriage and raising a family when a partner becomes addicted to alcohol, hits bottom, and seeks recovery. You will learn how their fear turned to faith in God that eventually led them to keep their marriage intact while facing adversity in all areas of their lives. A testimony to how lives can be changed when God is the center of our lives.

Letting Go by Patricia Ploss

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In 1962, seventeen-year-old Judy Bonner finds herself in love with twenty-year-old Curtis Murphy. She also learns that she is pregnant with his baby and due in June 1963!

Filled with fear, shame, and secrecy, Judy hides her pregnancy from her family for as long as she can! With no mother to turn to and only an angry, widowed father and an overbearing sister, Judy makes choices and decisions that only adults should have to make. Follow her story of love, trauma and letting go, in the early 1960s, where choices were few for girls who, “got in trouble!”
“Letting Go is close to home for me. As someone who was adopted as an infant in 1963, I know nearly nothing about my birth mother and her journey. Although I’ve searched for years, I’ve never been able to find her. This book is what I’d like to imagine her story was. My real parents are the ones who raised me. They’ve both been gone for many years now, but they will always and forever be my parents.”
Patricia Ploss is originally from Michigan, resides in northern Indiana with her husband Tony of twenty-four years. They have two children, Dawson twenty-three and Rachel twenty-two.
Patricia enjoyed writing her third book, Letting Go.

“Inspiration for a story can come from almost anywhere! I might see a person walking down the street, and a background story of their life will just pop into my head. I make it up as I go by. I never know where the next story will come from!

“My first book, Dandelion Picker, however, was a personal memoir about my son, who’s choices and decisions altered our family’s course. It’s for anyone who’s experienced trauma and consequences to let them know, they are not alone—and there is hope.

“My second book, Emery’s Promise, is a story about moving on, second chances, and a little romance. I’m told it’s a great beach read!

“Letting Go is close to home for me. As someone who was adopted as an infant in 1963, I know nearly nothing about my birth mother and her journey. Although I’ve searched for years, I’ve never been able to find her. This book is what I’d like to imagine her story was. I’d like to think that birth mothers at that time were treated with respect and care. It’s not like it is today for pregnant teenagers. I hope my birth parents went on to live happy and full lives. My real parents are the ones who raised me. They’ve both been gone for many years now, but they will always and forever be my parents.”

We Believe in Authors!

Based in Chicago, Joshua Tree Publishing specializes in works that uplift the human spirit, inspire people to reach for higher goals, and touch the hearts of readers. We are an innovative, traditional publisher dedicated to making your dreams of being a published author a reality. Not tomorrow. Not next year. But today.

Joshua Tree Publishing has 35 years of expertise and experience in publishing books. Publishing a book is a process. We guide our authors through that process, asking for their input at every stage.

Our mission is to produce a book that professionally reflects the author’s vision and voice. We encourage you to submit your work to Joshua Tree Publishing where
We Believe in Authors.

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U.S. Book Show Opens Today

The U.S. Book Show opens today. The virtual trade book show (#USBookShow) runs May 24 – 26, 2022, with its primary mission to promote Fall 2022 books of particular interest to booksellers, librarians, book media, agents and publishing professionals.

“The U.S. Book Show promises to make an even bigger splash in its second year,” said Cevin Bryerman, CEO and publisher of Publishers Weekly. “We will again welcome a diverse slate of authors and even more of the popular Editors’ Picks panels looking forward to the fall.”

Further components have been layered on to the virtual book publishing trade show, now in its second year. New this year, an international pavilion will welcome exhibitors from outside the United States.

Bookseller-focused programming has also been broadened to include tactical discussions geared toward keeping stores healthy and thriving

Editorial programming forms the core of the three-day show, and this emphasis will continue in 2022. In 2021, Oprah Winfrey opened the inaugural show. Subsequent days saw keynotes from Ijeoma Oluo and Senator Elizabeth Warren. Author Spotlights featured Anthony Doerr, Padma Lakshmi, Keanu Reeves, Stevie Van Zandt and Brian Selznick. Attendance in 2021 topped 6,000, among them nearly 1,000 members of the media. The show was covered by the New York Times, Washington Post, Library Journal, Associated Press and others.

Most popular are the genre-focused Editors’ Picks panels, in which Publishers Weekly’s editors, in conjunction with influential book editors, select the Fall titles they believe are most buzzworthy. The editors then convene in conversational panels focused on various genres— among them, fiction, nonfiction, comics and graphic novels and children’s books.

Dedicated library programming will be front and center once again with thought leaders weighing in on topics such as book banning that directly impact libraries and readers. Industry programming will delve into issues of how or if the pandemic has permanently changed book publishing, digital marketing and more.

“In the spirit of Publishers Weekly’s long-held commitment to global commerce and collaboration, the U.S. Book Show has implemented an international pavilion of exhibitors, with a special panel of international publishers discussing the global future of the industry,” added Bryerman, who is overseeing the international outreach.

Chicago Podcast Day

On May 21, 2022, Chicago Podcast Day featured panels and presentations designed to help the Chicago podcast community create and succeed in the booming podcasting space. Curious about how to launch a show? It was covered. How about monetizing your existing podcast? That, too. Topics included editing tips, legal considerations, DIY marketing and creating a branded podcast for business. All levels were welcomed, from the “podcast curious” to the “seasoned veteran.”

The program was presented by James VanOsdol, 2112 Chicago, and the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship.

Jaime Black (Dynasty Podcasts) discusses the process of starting a podcast.
Attorney Ilya Zlatkin (Zlatkin Wong LLP) discusses legal issues with James VanOsdol.
Creating a Branded Podcast with Patrick Brewer and Alex Stewart (Sassy Confetti)


Amy Guth (Crain’s Daily Gist)

Jill Hopkins (Metro/GMan, formerly Vocalo)

Ilya Zlatkin (Zlatkin Wong LLP)

Chris Lanuti (Sox in the Basement)

Lou Carlozo (Qwoted)

Jaime Black (Dynasty Podcasts)

Alex Stewart (Sassy Confetti)

Erik White (Cumulus Media)

Mike Vanderbilt (Halloweenies)

Martin Atkins (Museum of Post Punk and Industrial)

Todd Ganz (If the Walls Could Talk)

Joshua Tree Publishing’s New Book Release by Donal McCarthy


Joshua Tree Publishing’s Donal McCarthy, author of the just released book Dònal Òg Series, with Ruchel Louis Coetzee, author of PULANI: A memoir of a young woman in apartheid South Africa, share their thoughts about being published authors.

Donal McCarthy’s Dònal Òg Series

Ingram’s Transformation of the Publishing World

U.S. Book Show by Publishers Weekly
U.S. Book Show by Publishers Weekly

If you’ve never heard the name John Ingram, you will be surprised to learn that his family has been instrumental in transforming the publishing industry. In “A Conversation with John Ingram” at Publishers Weekly’s U. S. Book Show, you learn that Ingram played an important role during the recent pandemic in keeping books available while supply chains were disrupted. Years ago, Ingram Books started Lightning Source, a digital printer and wholesaler, which was instrumental in transforming the world of publishing into print on demand or POD. What that means is that books are printed and distributed as needed rather than sitting in a warehouse waiting for orders. Now this concept was totally transformational in the publishing business, where traditional publishers, as they still do, print thousands of books at a time, store them in a warehouse, and send them to bookstores when orders are received. Of course, the pandemic changed all of that. As John Ingram would say, Lightning Source’s motto is, or rather became, “Just in time, just in case.”

In June of 2020, 50% of the books on the New York Times bestseller list were provided, either printed and/or distributed, by Ingram’s Lightning Source. While that percentage will change as we return to “normal,” you cannot help but wonder if this lesson will not be lost by the industry as a whole. Would you want to risk printing of your content and your ability to distribute that content without the backup Ingram Content Group offers publishers?

So, what led to Ingram’s success. John Ingram summed up his business philosophy like this: “I want to do well by helping others do well.”

If you want to learn more about this success story, buy the book. You won’t regret it.

The Family Business Cover

About the Interview:

Jim Milliot, V-P and Editorial Director, Publishers Weekly, sat down with John Ingram, chairman of Ingram Content Group, and Keel Hunt, author of The Family Business: How Ingram Transformed the World of Books (West Margin Press), for a discussion about how the company has managed to remain one of publishing’s most important players and what is ahead for the industry.

Oprah Winfrey to be Keynote Speaker at U.S. Book Show

Oprah Winfrey will be the opening keynote speaker at the U.S. Book Show, the virtual book publishing trade show presented by Publishers Weekly.

Oprah Winfrey will give the opening keynote speech on May 25, 2021 at 10:45 a.m. EDT. She will discuss her newest book, What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience and Healing, co-written with Bruce D. Perry, a child psychiatrist and neuroscientist. The book, released by Flatiron on April 27, discusses how people’s earliest personal experiences shape their entire lives. The book offers a new way to understand the way people behave. Winfrey, one of the biggest supporters of all members of the book industry, will also offer comments on her love for books and authors and offer her appreciation and encouragement for all those who support them.