The Next Step: Publishing Your Book

Step One:

Each author is provided an editor who works with the author, usually in Word with Track Changes, to review the entire manuscript chapter by chapter. The process can take a thirty to sixty days depending upon the changes being suggested. The bottom line is the author has the last say. After all, it is your book and voice. The second phase of this edit is to bring the manuscript into compliance with the rules and standards included in the Chicago Manual of Style, which has been the bible of the publishing industry for years.

Step Two:
Page Layout

Once the Editing step is completed, the manuscript is imported from Word into a Page Layout program, such as InDesign. During this process, the size of the book and formatting are discussed and agreed upon with the author. Fonts are reviewed to see which one works for the text, chapter headings, spacing, margins, etc. After there is agreement with the author, the entire book is set up according to the printer’s specifications. At this point, the author and editor review the manuscript and offer comments, changes that need to be made. These changes are made by the page layout team as the manuscript is no longer accessible to the author.

Step Three:
Interior Review of the Book

After all changes have been addressed and completed, a final review of the manuscript is made by the author and the publisher for approval. Again, changes or comments are addressed at this stage, and upon agreement with the author, a final version is completed by the page layout team.

Step Four:
The Cover

While we welcome authors’ visions for their covers, experience has taught us that the cover comes after the interior text is completed. Sometimes, the entire viewpoint of the book has changed during this process. We find the cover is a magical experience and work with the author to come up with a concept and artwork to reflect the book and its message.

Step Five:
The Printed Proof

We print a physical proof of the book which shows exactly how it will be printed before it is released. Oftentimes, we find minor errors which were overlooked during the digital, screen processing. We can make final changes and adjustments at this point. When the changes have been made, another proof is generated, which is electronic. Once reviewed by the author and the publisher, the book is released into distribution.


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